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Just When Is It Right To Consider Buying A Second Car?

Just When Is It Right To Consider Buying A Second Car?

The thought of buying a second car is one that doesn’t usually augur well with most people. To them, it is always a waste of money, especially if the second car will be financed through a car loan. But is money really the issue on a case by case basis? Not at all! Some situations warrant the purchase of a second car. Others don’t. The answer is therefore relative. You can however, always know when you need a second car and why. More often than not, you will need a second car as a family when:

Working hours conflict

You and your spouse simply have conflicting working hours. He can be called to work for an emergency at any time. You on the other hand report to work later in the day and return home later in the night. For the sake of keeping your jobs, simply invest in a second car. You certainly won’t rely on one car here. What would happen if say, one is a healthcare provider needed for work while you are away with the family car?

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The family grows

Children always grow. Before long, some are in high school, others are still in middle school. It gets worse when they both have to head separate directions in the morning with no option of a school bus. It gets better if you can offer to go on the opposite directions in the morning and drop them off to school. There is no short cut here. You will need a second car. It would be better if you have a young adult who is licensed to drive. A second car for the young adult would definitely be a good idea.

Point to note

You can go for a beater as most people often do when looking for second cars. You choose not to as well. It all boils down to what you can afford and what is convenient for you when you need a second car.

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